Flash Photography: Demystifying Your Nikon and Canon Speedlights

When: Sunday, November 9, 2014, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Where: Sterling, VA
Instructors: Brian Zwit and Geoff Archer
Registration Fee: $119.00

Click to register for Flash Photography: Demystifying Your Nikon and Canon Speedlights

600EX manual coverMany photographers are quite comfortable and confident when using their cameras under available light conditions. For many, this is not the case when they start using an external speedlight, or even the built in flash on their cameras. They struggle with their equipment and the settings to get good balanced exposures and how to set up their equipment for different shooting situations. Understanding how these camera and flash systems work together is your first step to getting more consistent results with your system and allowing you to become more creative in the process. Join us for a day of knowledge and exploration of your speedlight system to help you go further with your images and give you the confidence to shoot without thinking.

Geoff Archer, one of the instructors, shoots Canon and Brian Zwit, the other instructor, shoots Nikon. They will use both classroom instruction and field work to help you understand your speedlight. The morning will begin with a discussion of ambient light and electronic flash, and how the two work together to affect your final image. Then the Canon and Nikon shooters will split up for intensive instruction on their speedlight systems. In the afternoon, you and the instructors will work together in various settings to further understand how your speedlight systems work. The day sb910_front.highwill end with a final classroom session allowing you to ask any additional questions and the instructors to pass on a few last tips.

Here’s what a couple of students said about the last class…

I enjoy the energy you bring to the class and the fact that I can ask any question – about the topic at hand, or something else about photography – and you are always willing to help. I leaned many useful things about my flash and my camera, too.

— Nancy

No longer will our Nikon flash units languish in our camera bags. After several years of never using the flash on our camera, now we are capable of producing well-lighted images, both outdoors and indoors, by using the flash to enhance rather than detract!

— Susan and Dennis

You will learn how to:

  • Use flash for fill-in exposure outdoors
  • Use TTL, Automatic and Manual mode and understand when to use them
  • Use Normal sync, slow sync and high-speed sync
  • Control foreground and background exposure to create mood and drama
  • Use rear curtain sync and stroboscopic settings for special effects
  • Use flash modifiers to improve the look of your images
  • Use Wireless off camera control of your speedlight

What is included:

  • Classroom and field instruction
  • Handouts on the basics of photography
  • Use of light modifiers, stands, and other equipment

What is not included:

  • Lunch

What to bring with you:

  • Your camera
  • A fresh battery and a memory card
  • Your camera manual
  • Speedlight (one or more) for your camera system
  • A laptop for reviewing and editing your images

Click to register for Flash Photography: Demystifying Your Nikon and Canon Speedlights


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