About Us

We love photography and we love teaching photography! As a consequence, the School of Creative Photography’s mission statement is simple:

Our purpose is to help our students improve their skills and learn new ones, take stunning and unique images, and learn to be more creative. We will do this by passing on our knowledge and expertise with a patient and easy manner at fun, interesting, and photogenic locations utilizing both classroom and field work.

Our extensive continuing education program of weekend workshops, one-day field trips, and classroom offerings is about you not our instructors. Your photographic needs and advancement, as well as your well being and safety at our workshops, is always a top priority.  We welcome all skill levels and pride ourselves on the fact that our teachers have the flexibility and knowledge to teach all levels at the same event.

Our workshops, field trips, and classes provide you, our students, with answers to your questions, personal attention, ample photographic opportunities (at the workshops and field trips), and camaraderie with your instructors and fellow students. We also offer our assistance at any time on technical questions, critique images, and provide expert buying advice on cameras, lenses, tripods, and software by e-mail and over the telephone, generally within 24 hours. This is a service we offer to all our students for having supported us.

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