Aperture and iPhoto: They Are Going Away

In a long anticipated move, Apple will cease development of Aperture, its pro photo editing application, and iPhoto. Mac’s new operating system called Yosemite and scheduled for release this fall will include a new photo app called Photos for OS X. While Apple has been showing off Photos for OS X and has said some of the advance features of Aperture will be in Photos, it isn’t at all clear how sophisticated Photos will be. Because Photos will be for everyone, I would expect its functionality to be more like iPhoto than Aperture and what few remaining pros and enthusiasts using Aperture will quickly move to Lightroom.

Editor’s Note: If you need to make the switch from iPhoto or Aperture to Lightroom, the School of Creative Photography can help you. Our Lightroom class is scheduled for September 20 and 21 in Sterling, VA, and will get you up to speed quickly on managing and editing your images in Lightroom.

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